About Us


In the early 2007, some individuals (mostly women) of the Owerri decent, namely Ada Nwaneri, Stella Opara, Gloria Okezie, Nnenna Edoziem, Chioma Ogueri, Vivian Opurum, etc., articulated the formation of a new forum for Nde Owerri in Atlanta. These women met for the first time at a Chinese Restaurant called Chop Stick along Windy Hills Road in Marietta. After several successful meetings, these women concluded arrangement with the owners of the restaurant to allow the new forum to be holding its monthly meetings at the place. Upon procurement of a meeting place, the women contacted men of Nde Owerri to join the forum; Mr. Chris Opara, Mr. Viktor Amaechi, Mr. John Opara and Mr. Ernest Kagha came on board and, thus Owerri Family Union was born. Membership of the new Owerri Family Union was restricted to families from three Owerri Local Government areas of Imo State namely i.e., Owerri North, Owerri West and Owerri Municipal. Finally, a more coherent association, exclusively for the people from the Owerri Local Government areas was formed.

Owerri Family Union (OFU), Inc. U.S.A was incorporated in the State of Georgia as a non-profit social cultural organization in early 2010 and on July 10th 2010, the organization was inaugurated.

Owerri Family Union (OFU) Objectives
Foster, unity and sense of common purpose and friendship among its members and others in the community
Develop strong family ties and to encourage moral and ethical characters among its members
Cultivate tolerance and respect for one another
Promote and maintain Owerri cultural heritage
Promote peace and understanding among the Owerri Community
Provide a forum to discuss and monitor issues affecting the well being of the Owerri people
To invest, receive, hold property and disburse funds for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of OFU without violating its non-profit, and non-government organizational status.

In line with the above objectives, OFU’s constitution was drafted, rectified and adopted as the organization’s guide book. Chris Opara was elected as the first substantive President of Owerri Family Union, Inc., John Opara, as Secretary while Viktor Amaechi acted as agent for the registration of the organization and the chairman, constitution drafting committee that guided the production of the OFU’s Bylaws and the constitution.